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Dark View Waterfalls , pirates of the Caribbean...
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This trip is the most sought after trip on the island .We travel to the end of the island where we make multiple stops at fishing towns and awesome sightseeing .We visit the Dark View Waterfalls where you can bathe under the Waterfalls.We also visit the Pirates of the Caribbean film site , Fort Charlotte and the white sand beach Buccument Beach resort.On this trip there is alot to see with awesome photos. There is BBQ chicken and steam fish with rice and vegetables all included.We provide a great history of the island with different stops at historical sites.Sky blue taxi tours SVG is very comfortable and has the best prices offered In St Vincent.Sky blue taxi tours SVG takes you on a journey and not just a destination.You will be treated as VIP on the island with us .Visit St Vincent and make the best memories with us .All our trips are great for children too and the elderly.We also make airport transfers and trip to the Volcano.Your wishes are our commands .

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